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Taste Venetian traditions

The experience

Gourmets are always welcomed in Veneto to discover local restaurants dedicated to exemplary Venetian cuisine with its plentiful history perfectly reflected in iconic menu: meat, fish, exquisite flavors of land and seafood including fresh seasonal products.

Starting from appetizers and finishing with delicious homemade cakes, in local restaurants of Noventa di Piave you will taste genuine food philosophy, local production and regular gastronomic seasons. Buon appetito!

Sarde in Saòr

Typical dish of Venetian cuisine, seafood-inspired appetizer is composed of simple ingredients perfectly blended into delicious dish with a peculiar sweet taste.

There are three main heroes: sardine, onion and vinegar featuring occasional appearance of additional roles that create interesting variations on the subject, like softened raisin or white wine used instead of vinegar. Saòr, the sour seasoning which gives the name to the recipe, was born as a conservation method used by fishermen and sailors who needed to keep food fresh for long periods of time. Small fish such as sardines were first fried and then marinated in the saòr to keep them fresh during long stays on a ship ensuring fresh and long-standing ration. Today sardines in saòr represent a popular appetizer widely spread in Veneto and Friuli regions, from Bacari to restaurants offering local menu.

Bigoli in Salsa

Another iconic dish of Venetian cuisine is made of few ingredients using simple preparation but featuring signature taste. Key elements of Bigoli (“Bigoi” in Venetian) in Sauce are anchovies, onion, white wine, oil, salt and, of course, bigoli.

The peculiarity of Bigoli is the shape: similar to spaghetti but thicker, they have a rough and porous surface that holds the sauce, tasty anchovy sauce prepared with onion, oil and anchovies previously dissected and cut into pieces. Using the minimum heat of the flame, ingredients dissolve forming a real sauce that forms particular taste and flavor of bigoli impressing gourmets all over the world.

Their origins are found in farmer tradition: this typical dish used to be consumed in special liturgical moments of the year requiring moderation and abstinence from food, such as Christmas Eve, Good Friday and Ash Wednesday. Obviously a dish so simple in preparation yet so rich in taste could not remain limited by special occasions, and so it became a specialty to be enjoyed more frequently, both at home and in local restaurants.


Besides traditional dishes Venetian cuisine is composed of rustic flavors and iconic ingredients of the lagoon! Selection of desserts has a particular definition in the corollary of Venetian recipes, like those called Bussolà.
Bussolà desserts are typical cookies from Burano island in the heart of Venetian lagoon; these are small cakes made from eggs, flour, sugar and butter. Incredibly tasty and energetic specialty made from simple and genuine ingredients. Excellent dessert to enjoy alone or with coffee or milk, Bussolà sweets of Burano are typical Easter desserts on the Island, as well as a tasty dessert to complete meal with sweet wine. S-form is a variant of Bussolà: using the recipe of traditional bussolà, sweets are shaped like biscuits instead of donuts. Different shape but same unique sweetness!
If you want to taste these and other recipes of typical Venetian cuisine, you can delight your palate in one of traditional restaurants in Noventa di Piave.

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